Robot Builder

RobotBuilder is a code generator introduced in the 2013 season for the Command Based pattern for Java and C++. We used the Command Based pattern successfully in 2012, but had to write a non-trivial amount of "plumbing" code ourselves.  RobotBuilder allows you to skip the tedium of writing this repeated boilerplate code and jump right into the interesting parts much more quickly.

To download the most recent RobotBuilder jar file go here. If you have Java installed, you should be able to just double-click on the jar file to run it.

By far the best way to understand RobotBuilder is to take about 1 hour and, watch these great videos

This web page gives a high level overview, but the videos are really the place to start.

Bug in RobotBuilder

There is currently an annoying bug in RobotBuilder that it strips empty lines from your java files when you regenerate code, but there is an easy workaround.

To illustrate the issue see the following sample of code that includes whitespace between methods to improve readability

After generating code from RobotBuilder the lines are gone.

To more easily see what causes this, and the workaround, you can turn on Show Non-printable Characters under the View menu

Lines that have no spaces in them will be stripped

Here is the easy workaround: Lines that have spaces in them will not be stripped