By NordicStorm on 1/10/2014 3:05 PM

Last night at practice, we built our robot chassis and began prototyping designs for our ball acquisition device. We have a concept decided upon and will move forward with it this weekend. The programmers spent the day training in new members, and successfully wrote code to operate our previous robots.

By NordicStorm on 1/8/2014 8:56 AM
Over the last three days, the team has been working hard on developing a working prototype robot. We put together a video that shows the process of developing the design as well as the robot performing on the field.

By NordicStorm on 1/6/2014 12:48 PM

Nordic Storm has had a exhilarating start to our 2014 season!

The team has decided to get a head start in prototyping by building a functioning, scoring robot in three days. After the broadcast on kickoff day, the team spent the whole day brainstorming and discussing strategy...

By NordicStorm on 4/30/2013 3:15 PM
We have returned from St. Louis.  Thanks to all who supported us this year.  We had a fantastic time at the FIRST Championship where we were awarded the Creativity Award for our unique climber design.
By NordicStorm on 4/4/2013 7:14 AM

We received the Engineering Inspiration Award at the 10,000 Lakes Regional and now we need to raise money to defray the cost of attending the FIRST Championship competition in St. Louis April 23-26, 2013.

Please contact our coach, Deb Johnson, if you would like to contribute, or send your donations to her at this address:

Deb Johnson
802 Davis St.
St. Peter, MN 56082

By NordicStorm on 2/23/2013 4:02 PM
The weight of the new climber is providing new challenges.
By NordicStorm on 2/18/2013 4:14 PM

Our week-zero practice event was a success! Five teams from around the area attended, and we all had a productive day of building, testing, and scrimmaging. The teams arrived at our practice field at 8:00, and shared many ideas with each other as we all, at various stages of development, prepared for bag day on Tuesday. Many thanks to Gustavus Adolphus College for providing us with the space for our event as well as a delicious lunch! Thanks to all the teams for coming to work with us and make our practice event a success.

By NordicStorm on 2/10/2013 8:48 PM

Spent a while working out the algorithm and math for our climber. Since we're using a potentiometer in a linear fasion, it creates a Sin wave, so we had to work with that when writing the code. Here's us solving it for the frequency given the location of the separate arms, and the time each arm is taking to move.

By NordicStorm on 2/9/2013 6:43 PM

Today, after we finished some of our camera tracking stuff, we programmers had some free time. Since it is imperative that the climber we decided to use(the toothed "hedge-trimmer") has both motors run at exactly the same speed, give or take, we decided to start working on the code for it. The only problem is, as with anything, the programming cannot be tested until the hardware is complete. So, we decided to mock up the potentiometer system that we'll be using to drive the climber, in order to complete the algorithm by the time the device is ready. Here's what it looks like(our mock-up, not the actual thing), the two motor represent the motors driving the separate sides of the climber, and the potentiometers are mounted to them by a coat-hanger that we decimated. Our goal is to make the plastic strips attached to the potentiomenters wave back and forth together.

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