By NordicStorm on 1/10/2014 3:05 PM

Last night at practice, we built our robot chassis and began prototyping designs for our ball acquisition device. We have a concept decided upon and will move forward with it this weekend. The programmers spent the day training in new members, and successfully wrote code to operate our previous robots.

By NordicStorm on 1/8/2014 8:56 AM
Over the last three days, the team has been working hard on developing a working prototype robot. We put together a video that shows the process of developing the design as well as the robot performing on the field.

By NordicStorm on 1/6/2014 12:48 PM

Nordic Storm has had a exhilarating start to our 2014 season!

The team has decided to get a head start in prototyping by building a functioning, scoring robot in three days. After the broadcast on kickoff day, the team spent the whole day brainstorming and discussing strategy...

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